Amanda Moss Hearts Helping Hearts

Amanda Moss

Charity CEO

Hearts Helping Herts is a small Charitable Organisation newly registered in October 2020.

The charity consists of three Trustees and seven Committee Members and formed as a community led organisation in support of Broxbourne Borough residents.

Hearts Helping Herts work in partnership with Broxbourne Borough Council, B3 Living, Hertfordshire County Council and Local / Borough Councillors to facilitate the support and social led services. 

Key Objective

To deliver community led and support services to Broxbourne Borough residents in need, in accordance with Hearts Helping Herts Constitution Objects.

Constitution Objects

To promote social inclusion for the public benefit in particular but not exclusively by the provision of support services, social groups, transport assistance and the provision of education and training to address loneliness and social isolation amongst those living in the Borough of Broxbourne and the surrounding areas who are socially isolated as a result of their age, infirmity, ill-health, disability or social circumstance.

For the purpose of this clause ‘socially excluded’ means being excluded from society, or parts of society, as a result of one or more of the following factors: unemployment, financial hardship; youth or old age; and ill health (physical or mental).’